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Master in Innovation Management

10 Webinars, starting from Friday 3rd February 2023



The Master in Innovation Management is presented by Claudia Tarabù, University Researcher.

Research Assistant at University LUISS Guido Carli in Rome and Doctoral Researcher in Business Administration at University Uninettuno in Rome. Teacher and author of books and publications mainly in the fields of Innovation Management and Sustainability.

Certified Innovation Manager, certified Project Manager and Neuro-Linguistic Programming Master Practitioner.

She has concluded numerous Master’s Degrees of specialization and training courses in Italy and abroad.

Passionate about Technology, Innovation, Digital Transformation, Blockchain and Fintech.

Programme, Dates and Registration Links

Module Date Programme Register
Module I and Module II: Innovation. Definition and Key Concepts – Innovation in the Culture of the Company’s Organization Friday, 17th February 2023 – 5PM to 7PM (CET) What is innovation and how it can be declined for the benefit of modern businesses.
The impact of innovation in organizational contexts. How to innovate the arrangement of companies by encouraging the evolution of skills and staff motivation.
This event is over
Module III: Open Innovation. The New Paradigm for Digital Startups. Friday, 3rd March 2023 – 6PM to 7PM (CET) The teachings of Prof. Chesbrough applied mainly to digital projects. Innovation also faces progress. This event is over
Module IV: Fintech. When finance and technology combine their forces. Friday, 17th March 2023 – 6PM to 7PM (CET) What is Fintech? What are the most popular technologies in the international financial markets? This event is over
Module V POSTPONED How does the Blockchain work? What are its main features? Protocols and potential applications for business. Important: this module has been postponed. Module V will take place on Friday, 14th April at 5PM CET. The two hours lecture will include Module V and VI.
Modules V and VI: The Blockchain and its possible applications. Big Data.The challenge of the future Friday, 14th April 2023 – 5PM to 7PM (CET) What is Big Data? What are their dimensions? Opportunities and benefits of the most important technological asset. This event is over
Module VII: Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.The Interaction Between the Two Approaches. Friday, 28th April 2023 – 6PM to 7PM (CET) The dimensions of the AI. Learning from data. Main algorithms. The models. The most useful features for the transformation of processes and products. This event is over
Module VIII: Internet of Things. The Interconnection of Intelligent Objects. Friday, 12th May 2023 – 6PM to 7PM (CET) Smart home, smart building, smart city, smart factory and smart environment. The new technological paradigm for the competitiveness of businesses, public administrations and communities. This event is over.
Module IX: Cloud Manufacturing. The evolution of production processes POSTPONED Robotics, 3D Technologies and Industrial Internet of Things. Flexibility, scalability, efficiency and reliability of manufacturing Cloud Computing. Important: this module has been postponed. Module V will take place on Friday, 9th June at 5PM CET. The two hours lecture will include Module V and VI.
Module IX and X: The Metaverse and the Disruption of Virtual Worlds. Friday, 9th June 2023 – 5PM to 7PM (CET) What Is The Metaverse? Business Opportunities, Applications and Challenges. This event is over.

Materials and Certification

The recording of the event and the slides used by the speaker will be available in our “Archive” section as soon as possible.

A certificate of attendance is provided for those who attend at least seven live sessions. The certificate will be sent automatically to the email address used at the time of registration in the week following the conclusion of the entire event.

It is possible to download the slides from the links available below. In order to download them successfully, you will be required to be registered to the Ascheri Academy website.


The Master has been accredited by Consiglio Nazionale Forense (CNF). 5 credits will be awarded for participation in the entire course. A certificate containing an indication of the recognized credits will be sent to all those who are enrolled in an Italian Bar Association and who correctly report the two codes shown during each module.

Please note: in order to correctly obtain the credits, it will be necessary to participate in all modules and correctly report all the codes shown (two codes for each course hour). Ascheri Academy will not be responsible for any non-accreditation of Webinars, which is always at the discretion of the appropriate bodies.


The course is entirely free. The materials, recording and certificates are provided for free as well.

Further Questions

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