Becoming a Solicitor in England and Wales: The Solicitor’s Qualifying Exam (SQE)


Speaker: Claire Flores – Head of International Business Development at BARBRI Global

Speaker: Siobhan Walker, International Business Development Manager at BARBRI Global

Speaker: Guido Ascheri, Chartered Accountant and Trainee Solicitor at Ascheri Nelson LLP

Speaker: Linda Calistri, Trainee Solicitor at Ascheri Nelson LLP

Wednesday, 14th June 2023 – from 6PM to 7PM (Central European Summer Time)

Language: English


As an international student, graduate or qualified lawyer, this webinar is your opportunity to find out about what it’s like to take the new path to qualifying as a solicitor in England and Wales via The Solicitor’s Qualifying Exam (SQE). There is a continuous demand for people who can work across jurisdictions in the growing global legal market. Why not stand out from the crowd by pursuing an international and/or dual qualification by passing the SQE with BARBRI?

We will be covering the following:

  • Eligibility & Exemption Process
  • The Solicitors Qualifying Exam Components
  • The BARBRI SQE Prep courses
  • About the organiser

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